Bangladesh Dalit & Excluded Rights Movement (BDERM) is a National Platform, which launched campaign in 2008 against caste based discrimination through mobilizing Dalit community and rights activists. BDERM dreams of an equal society free from caste based discrimination. The platform is working both at national and international level since its inception. Presently BDERM has 50 districts committee and 7 divisional level coordinators. It’s a membership base movement. Currently 11 Dalit-led NGOs are member of this platform. BDERM has approximately 2000 individual members.

The core objective of BDERM is to take greater campaign and movement initiatives from the grassroots level to national and international level to establish Dalit rights trough organizing Dalit organization and individuals.

Awareness raising, mobilization, capacity building, advocacy and networking.

Working areas

Currently 50 districts of Bangladesh.

International Membership

Member of International Dalit Solidarity Network (IDSN) and Asian Dalit Rights Forum (ADRF)